Buy Travel Insurance and Get Covered for any Flight Delay or Cancellation

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Worried about potential flight cancellations?


If you do still intend to travel out from Hong Kong, remember to buy travel insurance as it will cover your flight delay or cancellation!





With the recent mass sit-in in the Hong Kong airport resulting in cancellation of flights, many of our InsureDIY clients are asking if they can claim costs arising from the delay or cancellation from their travel insurance. After checking with several insurers on our panel, the insurers have confirmed that cover is still available and, indeed, we have helped our clients with claims due to the cancelled flights departing from Hong Kong.


Insurers will still require documentation including:


1. Confirmation of the time and reason for the flight cancellation by the airline

2. Copy of the itinerary, ticket and boarding pass (if any)

3. The original invoice for the hotel and the itinerary, and

4. Original confirmation of the refund of the prepaid fee or deposit by the relevant institution.


If you intend to fly out of Hong Kong any time soon, remember to buy your travel insurance right after purchasing your tickets. This is because insurers only cover unknown events. If protesters announce their intention to sit-in at the airport again before you purchase your travel insurance, you may not be able to claim as this is a known event!


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