Travel Insurance Tips - 5 Travel Insurance Exclusions You Didn't Know About




Everyone knows that Travel Insurance is a must have when going overseas. Travel Insurance will cover you for a variety of mishaps, illness and injury, but there are always exclusions to look out for.


Here are 5 Travel Insurance exclusions that you probably did not know about.


1) Did you know that if you incurred a medical expense claim on your Travel Insurance, the policy will also pay for follow-up treatment after you return to Hong Kong?


The follow-up treatment will include medical services provided by Chinese Medical Practitioners e.g. a Chinese bonesetter, acupuncturist or person duly registered as a Chinese medicine practitioner according to the Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap. 549).


Exclusion: The Chinese Medical Practitioner cannot be an immediate family member, of the insured himself.


2) Did you know that if your baggage is delayed for a minimum number of hours, your Travel Insurance policy will pay the cost of buying essential toiletries and clothing?


Exclusion: Travel Insurance policies typically will not pay if the baggage was mailed or shipped separately from your own flight. The baggage has to be checked-in on the same flight as you.


3) Did you know that some Travel Insurance policies cover your rental vehicle excess in the event of a loss or damage to your rental vehicle?


Exclusion: This benefit may not cover rented trucks, campers, trailers, motorbikes, motorcycle, sports utility vehicles, vans, recreational vehicles or any automobile while used off-road.


4) Did you know that your Travel Insurance policy may cover you for amateur sports such as snow skiing, snow boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, scuba diving, rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding etc.?


Exclusion: The policy may not cover you for racing (other than on foot!) or mountain climbing where guides or ropes are needed.


5) Finally, some major exclusions to any benefits under the Travel Insurance policy include war, actions done while drunk or on drugs and if the claim arose from an illegal act by the insured.


The above benefits and exclusions are by no means complete. Always look through the policy Terms and Conditions before buying your Travel Insurance policy.


The benefits will vary between different insurance policies and are subject to limits and Terms and Conditions as set out by the individual insurers. Terms and conditions may also vary from insurer to insurer.


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