Travel Insurance Tips



Going on holiday soon?

Whether it's your flight, your luggage, or your health, the right kind of Travel Insurance has become an essential item to pack for smart travellers. Travel insurance is a must for every one of your family members.


Find out all you need to know about choosing the right Travel Insurance policy for you and your family right here at InsureDIY. 


"WAIT A MINUTE! I'm already covered by my employer's Travel Insurance policy" 


While your employer's Travel Insurance may cover you for your business trips, you should check if the policy also covers you while you are travelling for a holiday. Your family members, including children will also not be covered under your employer's Travel Insurance policy.


"I'm going on holiday with my family. Can I get discounts on Travel Insurance for my kids?"


If your kids are below the age of 17, insurers usually cover them for free, or at a reduced price. However, the personal accident and medical benefits may be subjected to lower limits. If you wish to give your child full coverage, you can buy a separate policy for your child.


"I will be driving on my holiday. Does my Travel Insurance policy cover the rental vehicle?"


Travel Insurance policies may provide some cover on the excess of the insurance that you purchase to cover your rental vehicle, but the policy will not provide full insurance coverage on your rental vehicle. You may need to purchase insurance to cover your rental vehicle separately. Our Travel Insurance comparison shows clearly which policy will provide cover on the rental vehicle insurance excess.


"OK, so what is the best Travel Insurance policy for me?"


It really depends on what you intend to do on your holiday! Here are some examples:



If you are skiing, make sure that you buy a policy that covers amateur sports.



If you are driving, consider buying a policy that covers your rental vehicle insurance excess.



If you think that you will be shopping a lot, you may want to consider a policy with higher loss of baggage cover.



If you travel frequently during the year, you could buy an annual policy to save money.



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