Cover Your Travel Delays with Insurance




In the last 30 days alone, a total of 479,903 flights were delayed worldwide. This would amount to a jaw-dropping over 5 million flight delays a year!


Flight delays would dampen the spirits of any holiday-maker and worse, it may mean that you would have to incur additional expenses like another night’s accommodation. 


Thankfully, the right Travel Insurance would be able to help compensate you for the inconvenience.


How does the Travel Delay benefit work?


Travel Insurance policies usually specify the minimum amount of time that a flight would have to be delayed before you receive any compensation. After that, each specified time block would entitle you to more compensation up to a certain limit.


For example, AXA Insurance’s SmartTraveller VIP Plan would pay the policyholder HK$300 after the first 6 hours of flight delay and HK$300 for each 6 hours of flight delay thereafter. The total compensation is limited to HK$2,500.


Each policyholder is paid the compensation, so even your child would receive the benefit if he is covered by a Travel Insurance policy.


In addition, your policy may pay for a reasonable level of accommodation costs if your flight is delayed for more than a specified number of hours and if the delay occurs outside of Hong Kong. Note that to receive the Travel Delay benefit from your Travel Insurance, the flight has to be delayed by events such as a strike, riot, civil commotion, terrorism, adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, mechanical and/or electrical breakdown or due to the closure of the airport.


Always remember to look through the Terms & Conditions of your policy to understand the benefits available as the Terms & Conditions vary from policy to policy.


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