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Travel Insurance have a wide range of benefits and sometimes, it is easy to miss out on some benefits that you could have claimed on but did not know about.


Here are 5 things that you probably did not know about your Travel Insurance.

Feb 11




In the last 30 days alone, a total of 479,903 flights were delayed worldwide. This would amount to a jaw-dropping over 5 million flight delays a year!


Flight delays would dampen the spirits of any holiday-maker and worse, it may mean that you would have to incur additional expenses like another night’s accommodation. 


Thankfully, the right Travel Insurance would be able to help compensate you for the inconvenience.


How does the Travel Delay benefit work?


Travel Insurance policies usually specify the minimum amount of time that a flight would have to be delayed before you receive any compensation. After that, each specified time block would entitle you to more compensation up to a certain limit.


For example, AXA Insurance’s SmartTraveller VIP Plan would pay the policyholder HK$300 after the first 6 hours of flight delay and HK$300 for each 6 hours of flight delay thereafter. The total compensation is limited to HK$2,500.


Each policyholder is paid the compensation, so even your child would receive the benefit if he is covered by a Travel Insurance policy.


In addition, your policy may pay for a reasonable level of accommodation costs if your flight is delayed for more than a specified number of hours and if the delay occurs outside of Hong Kong. Note that to receive the Travel Delay benefit from your Travel Insurance, the flight has to be delayed by events such as a strike, riot, civil commotion, terrorism, adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, mechanical and/or electrical breakdown or due to the closure of the airport.


Always remember to look through the Terms & Conditions of your policy to understand the benefits available as the Terms & Conditions vary from policy to policy.


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Jan 23




Everyone knows that Travel Insurance is a must have when going overseas. Travel Insurance will cover you for a variety of mishaps, illness and injury, but there are always exclusions to look out for.


Here are 5 Travel Insurance exclusions that you probably did not know about.


1) Did you know that if you incurred a medical expense claim on your Travel Insurance, the policy will also pay for follow-up treatment after you return to Hong Kong?


The follow-up treatment will include medical services provided by Chinese Medical Practitioners e.g. a Chinese bonesetter, acupuncturist or person duly registered as a Chinese medicine practitioner according to the Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap. 549).


Exclusion: The Chinese Medical Practitioner cannot be an immediate family member, of the insured himself.


2) Did you know that if your baggage is delayed for a minimum number of hours, your Travel Insurance policy will pay the cost of buying essential toiletries and clothing?


Exclusion: Travel Insurance policies typically will not pay if the baggage was mailed or shipped separately from your own flight. The baggage has to be checked-in on the same flight as you.


3) Did you know that some Travel Insurance policies cover your rental vehicle excess in the event of a loss or damage to your rental vehicle?


Exclusion: This benefit may not cover rented trucks, campers, trailers, motorbikes, motorcycle, sports utility vehicles, vans, recreational vehicles or any automobile while used off-road.


4) Did you know that your Travel Insurance policy may cover you for amateur sports such as snow skiing, snow boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, scuba diving, rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding etc.?


Exclusion: The policy may not cover you for racing (other than on foot!) or mountain climbing where guides or ropes are needed.


5) Finally, some major exclusions to any benefits under the Travel Insurance policy include war, actions done while drunk or on drugs and if the claim arose from an illegal act by the insured.


The above benefits and exclusions are by no means complete. Always look through the policy Terms and Conditions before buying your Travel Insurance policy.


The benefits will vary between different insurance policies and are subject to limits and Terms and Conditions as set out by the individual insurers. Terms and conditions may also vary from insurer to insurer.


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Jan 16




It’s higher than you think …


Ever wonder what are your chances of losing your luggage when you are travelling on your holidays?  Or maybe you were asking yourself if it was really worth it to buy Travel Insurance to cover lost baggage?


Well, the statistics collated by the global airline industry technology specialist, SITA will surprise you.     


Look around you the next time you are at the airport departure gate.


If you are in Asia, chances are 1 person on the same flight as you will find his luggage “mishandled” on either one of his leg of his journey i.e. either on this flight or his return flight.  The term “mishandled” covers luggage delayed, lost, stolen, damaged or have contents taken from them.  


In Europe, the chances increase five-fold! In Europe, 5 persons on the same flight as you will find his luggage mishandled.    


The odds are a little better in North America, only 2 persons on the same flight as you may experience problems with the baggage on either one leg of his journey.


In short, on average in the world, two persons on every flight flown will have his baggage mishandled!


So what can travellers like us do? 


You can consider buying a Travel Insurance that will cover the loss of luggage.  If your baggage gets damage, stolen, or lost, your Travel Insurance will cover the cost of the content, subject to certain conditions listed in your policy.  This coverage will go a long way towards covering the costs of replacement of your personal belongings, especially if you add in the compensation you will receive from your airline.  But do remember to report the incident to the airline representatives as soon as you discover the problem and get a written acknowledgement to help you process your claim in the future.  


If your baggage is delayed, Insurers will pay you a cash benefit per x numbers of hour blocks (this may vary from policy to policy) or reimburse you for the purchase of certain necessities. 

So next time before you travel, do remember to buy a Travel Insurance policy.  


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Jan 04




Travelling with a smartphone can make life on the road so much easier! Here are our top six tips when travelling with your smartphone.

Buy a local pre-paid SIM card with a data plan

We will usually go for the cellular operator with the largest network coverage, even if it may be slightly more expensive. Nothing is more frustrating than having a data plan but with no network coverage, especially if you plan to go to a more remote part of the country. But if you plan to stay within the big cities, most local operators would generally have decent coverage.


We are big fans of the tether function on the smartphone. This allow us to turn our phone into a mobile hotspot so that we can connect our laptops or iPads to the internet. This is especially useful in places where the local wifi may be slower than the cellular 3G. However, some mobile data plans may not allow tethering, so do check the fine print.


Use Apps to talk for free


With the local data plan, you can use Apps like Viber or Skype to make international calls back home for free (provided your friends have the same Apps) or for a minimal fee. This will save you a bundle in international roaming call charges. In addition, we love using Apple FaceTime to talk to our families and friends back home and to show them some of the sights they are missing!


Cache your destination in Google Maps in advance


If you only have access to wifi and need to use Google maps, did you know that you can actually cache Google maps and use it with even without a data plan?


Before you set off and when you still have wifi, just open Google maps, key in your destination, zoom in to the zoom level required, drag the map around to whatever you want to see offline, and make sure the map tiles load. Once this is done, the map will already be loaded or cached on your phone, so you don't need a data plan to use Google maps as the location beacon will still work off-line!


Do note that the area cached is still quite limited, so you will need to re-cache after a few hours of sight-seeing, which brings us to the next tip.


Get free Wifi from Apple stores, coffee shops, airports, major shopping centres etc.


Nowadays, you can find free wifi in most public places in major cities. Just head to the nearest major coffee shop, fast food chain or major shopping centre. But nothing beats the good old local Apple store for its wifi signal strength and reliability.


Save your important documents in pdf on your phone


We hate rummaging through our backpack for documents (e.g. itineraries, hotel, airline or car rental reservations) so we convert all these documents into pdf and save it to our free Adobe Reader which we can access even without a data plan.


Travel insurance covers loss or damage to your phone


Lastly but most importantly, don't forget to buy your Travel Insurance before you leave!


Most Travel Insurance policies will cover the loss or damage to your phone. Do check the sub-limit that applies to your mobile phone as this is usually lower than the overall limit for the loss or damage to your baggage.


Bon voyage and enjoy the journey!


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Dec 29



Everyone knows the importance of having Travel Insurance, but what should you do to ensure that the claims process will be smooth in the event that you do have to make a claim?

Here are the 5 simple, but important tips to remember when travelling overseas.


1. Always keep a copy of your boarding pass or electronic ticket


Insurers usually need some proof that you have indeed travelled overseas on the dates that are covered by your insurance policy.


It is important that the name of the person who is making the claim appears on the boarding pass or electronic ticket and is the same name that is covered under the Travel Insurance policy. You would not be able to claim for medical expenses incurred by your child if your child is not insured under the Travel Insurance policy, for example.


The Travel Insurance policies that are sold on the InsureDIY website will cover you for trips that originate from Hong Kong. (multi-country trips are also covered as long as you first depart from Hong Kong)


2. Check-in your bags separately if a number of travellers in your group have Travel Insurance


If you are travelling in a group and each person is covered under their own Travel Insurance policy, do not check-in all your baggage under one person's name. Check-in counters at the airport tend to put all the baggages under one person's name for convenience.


However, for insurance purposes, try to check-in only one baggage under one traveller's name.


The benefit limits on each Travel Insurance policy applies to each policy. This means that if you spread out the baggage under different Travel Insurance policies, you effectively maximise the benefit limits available to your group.


For example, if you and your spouse each have a Travel Insurance plan with an overall limit on loss of baggage of HK$10,000 per policy and you have two baggages containing items over HK$10,000 in each baggage, you should check-in one baggage under your own name and the other one under your spouse's name.


3. Keep your shopping receipts with you


If you have a lot of shopping and would like to check-in all the items, be sure to keep the receipt with you and not in the check-in baggage! If the airline loses your baggage, you can then easily provide proof of purchase for your shopping.


4. Keep original medical bills with diagnosis clearly stated


Hospitals all over the world may have differing practices when it comes to hospital bills. If, unfortunately, you or an insured traveller in your group has to seek medical attention during your trip, do ensure that you keep the original hospital/medical bill with the diagnosis clearly described and certified by the attending physician.


5. Make a police report if you lose your cash


Yes, even though it would be a hassle, you do need to make a police report if you do lose your cash and would like to make an insurance claim. Do try to make a police report as soon as you find out that you have lost your cash. Most Travel Insurance policies require that you make a police report within 24 hours of losing the cash.


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Nov 25




Going on holiday soon?

Whether it's your flight, your luggage, or your health, the right kind of Travel Insurance has become an essential item to pack for smart travellers. Travel insurance is a must for every one of your family members.


Find out all you need to know about choosing the right Travel Insurance policy for you and your family right here at InsureDIY. 


"WAIT A MINUTE! I'm already covered by my employer's Travel Insurance policy" 


While your employer's Travel Insurance may cover you for your business trips, you should check if the policy also covers you while you are travelling for a holiday. Your family members, including children will also not be covered under your employer's Travel Insurance policy.


"I'm going on holiday with my family. Can I get discounts on Travel Insurance for my kids?"


If your kids are below the age of 17, insurers usually cover them for free, or at a reduced price. However, the personal accident and medical benefits may be subjected to lower limits. If you wish to give your child full coverage, you can buy a separate policy for your child.


"I will be driving on my holiday. Does my Travel Insurance policy cover the rental vehicle?"


Travel Insurance policies may provide some cover on the excess of the insurance that you purchase to cover your rental vehicle, but the policy will not provide full insurance coverage on your rental vehicle. You may need to purchase insurance to cover your rental vehicle separately. Our Travel Insurance comparison shows clearly which policy will provide cover on the rental vehicle insurance excess.


"OK, so what is the best Travel Insurance policy for me?"


It really depends on what you intend to do on your holiday! Here are some examples:



If you are skiing, make sure that you buy a policy that covers amateur sports.



If you are driving, consider buying a policy that covers your rental vehicle insurance excess.



If you think that you will be shopping a lot, you may want to consider a policy with higher loss of baggage cover.



If you travel frequently during the year, you could buy an annual policy to save money.



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