General Terms and Conditions

Fraud and abuse relating to any of InsureDIY's Rewards or Promotion program may result in the forfeiture of the accrued DIYpoints, cancellation of any cash-back or benefits from the promotion, as well as the cancellation of the your InsureDIY account.


InsureDIY reserves the right to change the terms and conditions herein, withdraw any Rewards or Promotional Program without prior notice.


In case of any dispute arising from the Program, the decision of InsureDIY shall be final.


InsureDIY Domestic Helper Insurance - 10% Discount Promotion


You will receive a total discount of 10% of the Domestic Helper Insurance premium when you register on to purchase the Domestic Helper Insurance policy from


InsureDIY reserves the right to change the amount of discount applicable for each policy without prior notice.


No other Reward or Promotional Program may be used in conjunction with the 10% Discount Promotion on Domestic Helper Insurance.


InsureDIY & Lazy Customer Promotion - Terms and Conditions


We have partnered with Lazy to give InsureDIY customers an exclusive Customer Offer: 3-hour Home Cleaning Service (1 session) worth HK$50 Discount
Promotion Period: Till 30/4/2017
Promo code: The promo code will be emailed to the first 50 InsureDIY customers who have purchased a Domestic Helper Insurance. First-come, first-served basis.


Steps to redeem offer:
1. Download the Lazy App and sign up.
2. Log in and choose 'Home cleaning'.
3. Select '3 hours'.
4. Select date and time.
5. Select service frequency as 'Once'.
6. Check out - choose cash payment.
7. Check out - apply promo code.
8. Check out amount = 0, then confirm order.


Lazy is an online site dedicated to connecting patrons around Hong Kong to registered household cleaning service, Lazy extends their empathy to those feeling the work life slump and needing a break from tedious chores. Offering from house and office cleaning services to post-renovation cleaning, Lazy deploys qualified cleaners to living spaces.


The offer does not include:
After 6PM: Extra $20/hr
Remote areas: Price will vary based on the location you live in
Cleaning supplies: $100
Mop + bucket set: $100
Transportation fee (15 minutes walk away from MTR Station): $25


Lazy does not provide cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner.
Cleaners will try their best to complete every request from the customers.
Cleaners reserve the rights to reject specific requests from customers when those requests are considered to be unsafe and dangerous.
Employer must purchase employee compensation for their cleaner.
Lazy provides a one-off employee compensation for customer to purchase. For long term insurance package, please contact Lazy at +852 39568353.


The maximum refund amount is $200 per booking.
If you're asked to make a deal in private by housekeepers/cleaners, please inform Lazy with sufficient evidence provided and Lazy will offer you a free 3-hour housekeeping/cleaning session.
Once a housekeeping/cleaning session is booked and you cancel the booking more than 24 hours before the session starts, you will be charged a management fee equivalent to the service fee for one hour of your booking; if you cancel within 24 hours before the session starts, you will be charge the full service fee of that booking. Any paid fee will not be refunded.


InsureDIY Domestic Helper Insurance - Lowest Premium Guarantee


We guarantee the lowest “Net Domestic Helper Insurance Premium” on ("InsureDIY") in accordance with these terms and conditions. Should you find a lower premium rate online for the same Domestic Helper Insurance policy on another “eligible Domestic Helper Insurance website” within 24 hours of your Domestic Helper Insurance purchase on InsureDIY, we will refund you the difference between the Net Domestic Helper Insurance Premium paid to InsureDIY and the lower premium rate quoted online by the other eligible Domestic Helper Insurance website inclusive of any applicable taxes and fees. The difference paid by InsureDIY is limited to a maximum of HKD300 per person/claim. “Net Domestic Helper Insurance Premium” is the Domestic Helper Insurance premium quoted on our website net of any discounts, rewards or discounts offered by us. An “eligible Domestic Helper Insurance Website” must be an online insurance website operating in Hong Kong with a website with domain name "" that sells its Domestic Helper Insurance policies to the general public with payment paid online using a credit card.


What does the Lowest Premium Guarantee apply to?


The Lowest Premium Guarantee applies to all Domestic Helper Insurance policies purchased through


Lowest Premium Guarantee


This guarantee is provided by InsureDIY Limited (Company Registration Number 1835633), a company incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong, having its registered office at Level 10, 1-3 Pedder Street, Central Building, Central, Hong Kong. In the event that you find a lower publicly available rate for the same Domestic Helper Insurance on InsureDIY or on another Hong Kong-based website (which means a website with domain name "") within 24 hours of your purchase with InsureDIY, we will refund you the difference up to HKD300. This Lowest Premium Guarantee is subject to these Terms and Conditions.


Must be "Apples to Apples" Comparison


The Lowest Premium Guarantee is available only for exact Domestic Helper Insurance matches, for example, including but not limited to coverage by the same insurer, the exact same coverage dates, benefits and terms and conditions as purchased on InsureDIY. The Lowest Premium Guarantee applies to the full cost of Domestic Helper Insurance from the eligible Domestic Helper Insurance Website, including all taxes and fees. You must meet all requirements imposed on the lower premium rate (if any), including, without limitation, residency, regional and age-related requirements. The Lowest Premium Guarantee is not available for premium rates on websites where the complete insurance benefits and terms and conditions are unknown until after purchase.


Comparison Rates Must Be Available to the General Public Online


The Lowest Premium Guarantee applies only to premium rates both advertised and available to the general public by the eligible website on a Chinese and/or English-language website. For example, this does not include rates offered on membership program websites, corporate discounts or rates; group, charter, rewards program, incentive, meeting, convention, staff prices; or prices available only by using a coupon or other promotion not offered to the general public. The Lowest Premium Guarantee does not apply to limited period special promotions offered by the eligible website and must be available to the general public on a regular and on-going basis. The Lowest Premium Guarantee only applies to stand-alone Domestic Helper Insurance policy available for purchase on the eligible website and does not apply to Domestic Helper Insurance provided as part of a package, for example, as part of a purchase of another insurance policy, travel package or any other product/service.


The lower rate may not come from a website where you call to get the rate, or from an e-mail that you received. The rate must be quoted and able to be purchased and paid for in Hong Kong Dollar (without the use of a currency exchange calculator) at the time you notify us of a Claim. Premium differences cannot be due to a change in or use of a different foreign exchange rate.


Notifying us of a Claim


You must email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 24 hours after your purchase on InsureDIY to make a claim under the Lowest Premium Guarantee.


The lower rate must be available for purchase at the time you contact us, as determined by us. You can claim a Lowest Premium Guarantee difference only once and on only one policy, even if a lower premium rate is found on more than one occasion. You may only make one Lowest Premium Guarantee claim regardless of the number of accounts you have with us or the number of policies bought from us.


The refund of the difference between the Domestic Helper Insurance policy bought by you through InsureDIY and the lower premium rate available on another eligible website will only be refunded after you have emailed us the required information within 24 hours after your purchase and after you have provided proof that the insured domestic helper is under your employment.


Verification of Claims


All requests and claims, including receipts, are subject to verification by us. We will not accept screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower price that cannot be independently confirmed by us. InsureDIY does not accept screen shots of imagery of lower premiums provided due to the ease of modification or alteration of such imagery. In addition, we will not verify any request that we believe, in our sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error or is made fraudulently or in bad faith. You must provide us with all requested information relating to the lower premium rate including, without limitation, the address of the website on which the lower premium rate is available, the insurer of the relevant Domestic Helper Insurance policy, the applicable coverage dates and the policy terms and conditions.


We must be able to verify all elements of the claim and the required terms found on the eligible website at the time the claim is processed.


Failure to provide us with sufficient evidence or details of the lower premium rate may result in invalidation of your claim.




We reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify or discontinue the Lowest Premium Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. The terms that are in effect at the time of your purchase will determine your eligibility under the Lowest Premium Guarantee. The failure by us to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.




These Lowest Premium Guarantee Terms & Conditions are governed by Hong Kong law. In the event of any dispute, you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. If any part of the these Lowest Premium Guarantee Terms & Conditions are determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to any applicable law, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and will continue in effect. These Lowest Premium Guarantee Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to this Lowest Premium Guarantee and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, between you and us.


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