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Pure Term Critical Illness Plans will give you a much higher payout than Critical Illness Savings Plans for each dollar of premium. This is because the insurer does not need to charge extra premium to "invest" in order to provide you with a surrender value. Surrender values are usually very low in the initial years and provide a poor return during that period. 





The biggest difference between critical illness insurance and medical insurance is how claims are paid. Unlike medical insurance, critical Illness Insurance pays out a fixed lump sum if the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the covered critical illness in the policy.


The sum assured should usually be around 3 to 5 years of policyholder’s annual income, so that the policyholder can focus on his recovery.  





Take a non-smoking male as an example, the annual premium of a pure term plan with HK$0.5m cover can go as low as HK$1,000 per year and by the age of 65, he would have paid only half of the premium of an equivalent savings plan.


Of course, there is a savings element inside the savings critical illness plan - the point is that you have to pay a total premium of HK$0.3m to get HK$0.5m cover under a savings plan.  





The biggest difference between a Pure Term Critical Illness plan and a Savings Plan is the surrender cash value. Since there is no surrender cash value for Pure Term Critical Illness plan, the premium paid by the policyholder is solely used for protection and the cover can be very extensive:



Critical Illness Cover

Once the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the covered critical illness, the policyholder will be compensated for the agreed lumpsum inside the policy. The number of covered critical illness differs amongst policies and insurers.



Life Stage Benefit

Some plans have benefits for early critical illness and pre-cancerous changes, and some can even provide extra protection based on ages of the policyholders to cater for their needs at respective life stages.



Medical Care Benefit

It is not uncommon for policyholders to use the lumpsum payout received from the critical illness plan to subsidize their medical expenses. To help share policyholders’ burden regarding the substantial treatment costs, some of the Pure Term Critical Illness plans in the market also provide free medical care benefits covering hospitalization, treatment, long term care and nursing care expenses with maximum claiming limits based on the actual expenses.



Death Benefit

If the policyholder has never made a critical illness claim, he/she may receive a higher amount of death benefit e.g. double the sum assured. 


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Critical Illness plans are for everyone at every age!


AGE 25 



AGE 35 








Age 25 is the start of one's career. Paying over HK$10k for the annual premium of a Savings Critical Illness plan may be a strain on finances. Instead one can pay one-tenth of the premium under a Pure Term Critical Illness plan and save the rest for short-term goals.


Bought a Savings Critical Illness plan with a sum assured of HK$0.5m after graduation. The policy coverage is insufficient after 10 years due to medical inflation and as he now has to support a family of 4. The annual premium for a savings plan can go up to HK$30k to increase the sum assured to HK$1m. In this case, a Pure Term Critical Illness plan is the recommended choice due to its lower premium – see below for detailed comparison.



A 35-year-old non-smoking male can get HK$0.5m critical illness cover at an annual premium as low as HK$1,038:


Critical Illness Cover with a Sum Assured of HK$0.5m

Pure Term Plan

Savings Plan


Annual Premium (HKD)



Total Premium Paid at 65 (HKD)
$146,618  $280,875  
Premium Structure & Payment Term Premiums are not guaranteed- it is expected to increase with age and adjust yearly. Cover is guaranteed to be renewable until age 80

Premiums are not guaranteed - it is expected to increase with age and adjust yearly. Option for early pay-off i.e. no more premium payment after retirement age

Benefit Term Till Age 80 Till Age 100 By age 80, you would have built up your own savings and will no longer need the cover to replace lost income. Ensure that you have a good Hospital Insurance plan to cover any hospital bills.

Major Benefits

Protection for 40 Critical Illnesses

Free Medical Second Opinion Service

Free Bereavement Benefit

Protection for 53 Critical Illnesses;2 minor illnesses and 1 early critical illness;

Death benefit up to 100% sum assured plus non-guaranteed bonus.

Comparison is based on a Critical Illness Savings plan with features closest to the Pure Term Critical Illness plan. There are many Critical Illness Savings products out there with even higher premiums.



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Zurich Critical Illness Insurance

International Term Assurance with Critical Illness Rider


Bupa Critical Illness Insurance

Bupa Critical Essential Care


Highest death benefit up to HK$2.7m. Guaranteed renewable till age 60. A 180-day waiting period before any claim on critical illness benefits.



Comprehensive cover especially if purchase with Bupa medical insurance at the same time. Free medical top-up benefit of up to HK$300,000 if policyholder is diagnosed with a major critical illness.



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Liberty Critical Illness Insurance

proLife Series—Critical Illness Insurance



Sun Life Financial Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Medical Care Insurance Plan II


   Basic critical illness protection, covering 40 critical illnesses. Free access to medical second opinion from worldwide leading medical institutions. Maximum insurable age is 79 years old.   Cover till age 100. 51 critical illnesses and early critical illness cover - provide extra protection for policyholder according to life stage. Reimburse up to a maximum of 50% sum assured for long-term care condition.   


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