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Sunlife's Vision
Match your mortgage rate with guaranteed minimum 

Pass on lifelong income to your children and grandchildren. 


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Key features for Vision

 (Vision is a USD denominated participating savings product.) 


Guaranteed return more than fixed deposits

Pass on Lifelong Income for your future generations

 No Medical Underwriting Needed

Minimum Guaranteed 2.3% annual return 

8 years policy term piggy bank

Inflation Protected with Growing Bonus 


Capital Guaranteed


3 year premium term

No Medical Underwriting Needed**

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Why apply for
Sunlife's Vision?

Vision is a USD policy that pays monthly cash coupons from the 13th month for up to 120 years.


Policy can be passed on to Future Generations


Can be passed on from you to your children to your grandchildren subject to a maximum overall policy term of 120 years.


Wealth can be passed on to future generations, providing them with lifelong income!


Offset mortgage interest – Guaranteed 2.3% cash coupons plus bonus is close to mortgage rates of 2.5%


The minimum guranteed 2.3% plus bonus cash coupons are close to current mortgage rates of ~2.5%. The cash coupons from Vision can be used to pay mortgage interest. 


At the end of your mortgage e.g. 20 years, you can surrender and get ~150% of your premium back if you do not want to pass on the policy to your children.


Protect against inflation - Bonus coupons grow over time


On top of the minimum guaranteed 2.3% coupon, the bonus cash coupons will grow over time, protecting against inflation. For example, the expected cash coupons in Year 30 is around 3.8% p.a. and continues to grow after that.


No payment will be collected online. You will pay Sunlife directly after we process your application. 


Have a question you need answered?  

Email us (best way to reach us): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Policy illustration for Vision


2.3% p.a. guaranteed cash coupon from Year 2 for all years thereafter,

growing with bonus coupons to 3.8% p.a. in Year 30 and keeps growing for up to 120 years!


The policy term of Vision is up to age 120. The illustration below shows up to 30 Years.
Apply online to receive your customised illustration.


2-Year Premium Period - Illustration Summary for US$10,000 Annual Premium. 


Check out Vision's brochure here.


End of Policy Year Total Premiums
Cash Coupon Total Cash Coupon Total Surrender Value
Guaranteed Non-Guaranteed Guaranteed + Non-Guaranteed (% of premiums paid) Guaranteed + Non-Guaranteed
1 10,000 0 0 0 1,010
2 20,000 460 8 468 (2.3%) 2,034
3 20,000 460 16 476 (2.4%) 3,053
4 20,000 460 24 484 (2.4%) 4,073
5 20,000 460 32 492 (2.5%) 6,095
10 20,000 460 75 535 (2.7%) 19,548
20 20,000 460 174 634 (3.2%) 30,062 (150% of premiums paid!)
30 20,000 460 290 750 (3.8%) 48,163


Note that an Insurance Levy paid in addition to the premium required under the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41), Insurance (Levy) Order and Insurance (Levy) Regulation will be charged. This rate is currently 0.085% of premium up to a maximum of HK$85 from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 and 0.1% thereafter up to a maximum of HK$100.

Here are some common questions
about Sunlife's Vision

1. What is the minimum and maximum premium size?


The minimum annual premium is US$10,000, payable for 2 years and the maximum annual premium without medical underwriting is US$1,000,000.



2. Do I need to go for a medical examination if I apply for Vision?


No medical underwriting is needed for Vision 2-Pay. 



3. Is there a surrender penalty if I surrender my policy?


There is a surrender penalty as Vision is designed to be a long-term product. You can expect to get your premiums back by Year 10 and around 150% of your premiums paid by Year 20. 



4. What are the minimum and maximum ages of entry


Insureds aged 0 to 80 are accepted. 


5. What does a "generations" product mean?


Vision is a very flexible product where the insured can be changed after the first policy anniversary for an unlimited number of times. If the new insured is younger, the policy term can be extended until the new insured reaches age 120 as long as the overall policy term does not exceed 120 years.


This means that you can pass on wealth to your dependants and provide them with lifelong income. 


6. When does the coupon start paying out?


The monthly cash coupons start from the beginning of the 13th month of the policy and pays out monthly for the entire policy term thereafter. 


7. Are joint-life policies available?


Yes, you can apply for joint-life policies. The policy will continue to pay out the cash coupons even if one of the insureds passes away. So you can leave lifelong income to your spouse or children!




* Cash coupons grows from 2.3% in the 2nd year to 3.8% in the 30th year. 3.8% comprises 2.3% guaranteed cash coupon and 1.5% non-guaranteed cash coupon.   

** If guaranteed savings amount is less than US$2m. i.e. US$1m premium for a 2-Year Premium Term.



InsureDIY Limited is an insurance broker licenced by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong and is authorised to distribute insurance in Hong Kong.



8-Year Policy Term